Find Your Voice With Michelle

Find Your  Voice With Michelle

Keynote Presentation 


Your employees spend a lot of time at the office away from their families and pastimes, which often define who they are, and help manifest attributes which qualify them for the role at your company.


There are young people who are new to office-life, sometimes petrified of management, and then there are management officers forgetting what it was like to be so young and inexperienced. 


I facilitate conversations around potential, playfully and sincerely, by performing carefully selected repertoire from "The Great American Songbook" and storytelling around themes including:


"Am I Good Enough?"







"What Matters Most"  


These presentations are light, fun and memorable and quickly inspire verbal exchanges around people's personal work challenges, how we navigate them emotionally, and how we can encourage the celebration of triumphs large and small.


"Find Your  Voice With Michelle" Keynote Presentations

create the environment to connect the talented employees who are longing for these conversations.


"Find Your  Voice with Michelle" Keynote Presentations 

result in a renewed team spirit.