It's a Bird. It's a plane. It's a BLOG.

Hello there!

I'm blogging! I feel inspired to blog these days! Sometimes incredible feats of language come rolling off my fingertips on to the keyboard. Sometimes....nuthin'. But what I can tell you is that when I cough up a word-phrase-gem, I actually jump around like a jumping bean! I become a sort of human pin-ball, bouncing in zigs and zags to multiple room corners. I'll fight-off sleep to revisit my expression opposite the Mac screen in both disbelief and giddy celebration, like proud parents revisit the nursery.

I'm learning to discern what my personal writing process is. The one that gets me from the bed to that proverbial nursery place. And, wouldn't ya know, it has plenty to do with being inspired by others' great writing. And so I'm reading. Right now I'm enjoying an anthology of essays on personal transformation.

I feel, and have for a long while, determined to "grow." Grow out of things that never entirely belonged to me. And grow up into the best version of myself, always having to mind the core flaws which make me human. I'm reminded of the Thanksgiving art class activity in elementary school, each of us adorning the basic illustrated turkey on the distributed oak tag. We were all given the same piles of colored feathers, magic markers and googly eyes with which to appropriate the bird's details and coat. But no matter how he was embellished....he was still a basic turkey at the core.

This writing, singing Turkey is now signing off Blog number one.


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