Storytelling for Professionals

Upon arriving in New York City as a broadcast journalism student, I discovered the power of vulnerability while watching the solo show of a woman telling her own story at a blackbox theater on restaurant row.  A performer's expression in a blackbox theater is raw, undistracted and stands on its own sans scenery. It's where you can see straight through to the authenticity of person and experience the seriousness of their message.  With the advent of social media and new media venues, personal points-of-view are now rampant in the corporate arena. Leaders feel inspired to deliver impactful talks and participate most authentically in public conversations.


Alongside my academic journalism work for which I'd graduated with honors, I studied with masters in jazz and cabaret performance where I found my voice and most honest personal expression. And now, years later my creative background has become uniquely relevant. I support  thought leaders and creatives in meangingfully translating expertise and relevant personal history transmedia.  I listen to distill language and themes, and discern the best approach to telling the story of your professional journey for your marketing materials.